Have an inspired and fulfilled work life

As one of the founders and directors of Transformational Compass Wendy offers action packed professional supervision and coaching to have you enlivened and in action to succeed on your dreams


With 20 years of experience Wendy brings wisdom, simplicity, humour, compassion and rigour to her coaching - having you be in action to fulfil on whatever you're out to accomplish



Transitioning can be managed with grace and power

Are you transitioning from work to retirement?  Now or in the near future?  Create your future and start the actions to fulfil on the life you desire.

I offer a special package of 12 sessions over 6 months so we can go to work together on creating and building the future you dream of and you experience the next stage of life with power and confidence

$1200 for a package of 12 tailored sessions over 6 months



Sessions available via zoom or phone. Evening and weekends sessions possible
Call Wendy today +61416622579 or +6421421286 or email:

Maori Business/whānau/hapu/iwi



Positive directional change creating growth for your organisation

Kia pai ai nga whakaaro me nga hapaitanga I roto nga pumautanga I roto I te tapu o te tangata .  Kia tu te tangata I roto tona mana kia tae atu ki tona taumatanui I roto I te tika, pono me te aroha. Taumata tangata, Taumata whanau, Taumata hapu, Taumata iwi me te Taumata mahi.

Transformational Compass will address, enhance and restore the tapu of the individual, team, business and organisation so that they may have the mana to achieve their goals in life. 

Enhance your business utilising our knowledge of traditional Maori concepts - Positive impact to create change. Professional training, coaching and mentoring to enable effective communication and relationships

Discover Our Expertise


For progressive organisations committed to diversity, bi-culturalism and the Treaty, especially Social Enterprises, Not for Profits, large corporate employers and public sector organisations, where tangible actions speak louder than words.

We offer group workshops and one on one coaching drawing on our background and experience as teachers, trainers - a bi-cultural couple who ‘walk the talk’

Transforming the contexts that we work in, enabling all employees, stakeholders and customers to experience being included, valued and  heard.

We contribute to the organisation’s culture and success, broadening the understanding base of all about Te Ao Maori – bringing a new awareness and affinity to the work space and business arena

Grow Your Business


Looking to develop the approach and culture of your organisation to reflect the identity of this unique country and the magnet we are internationally? 

Are you currently enquiring into the following or related questions?

  • “What can we do to improve relations in our multi-cultural teams”

  • “What can we do to improve relations with Maori in our customer base”

  • “How can we better reach Maori communities so Maori can access our products and services”

  • “What can we do, as a large scale employer, to improve Maori economic wellbeing for all of NZ”

  • Have we measured bi-cultural comfort levels in OUR team, as other organisations are?


Expert Guidance


With years of experience, our staff has the capability and expertise to take your organisation to the next level. At Transformational Compass, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your organisation. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure their organisation.

Transformational Compass services include:

  1. Group Workshops

  2. Facilitation and Training around cultural brand

  3. Mentoring/supervision - one-on-one or in teams

  4. Individualised Te Reo Maori development for busy executives

  5. Policy Development and implementation strategy

Delivered by a dynamic team from Northland (Ngaapuhi), with a rich background of qualifying experience, these services help people within an organisation have a better understanding of how best to work with their Maori colleagues, and enhance the contribution Maori make within their organisation. They can also help organisations to better understand their Maori customers. 

These services are proven and highly recommended to:

  • Reduce team anxiety and stress

  • Give participants confidence  - simple, flowing style

  • Are easy to learn and common sense which avoids the complaint “not another lot of convoluted, complex workshop content”

  • Human and familiar - unlocking what one has always known

  • Translate the bicultural model into an organisation’s culture

  • Contribute to NZ’s nationhood


Relevancy in a bicultural environment


We examine what organisations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world.  We bring a unique korero guided by traditional Maori knowldege to the table and will present a workshop, and let you do the rest, or we can walk alongside you and facilitate conversations that make a difference to management,  employees, stakeholders and customers

Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Maori Business Development/Transformational Compass


Auckland, New Zealand and Meeanjin, Brisbane, Australia


+61416622579  or +6421421286

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